It’s my last Spring Break of my time at UMaine as of yesterday. I’m leaving Orono for a few days to see some friends in New England. Checking out Boston for longer than I have before. Should be interesting.

Applying to internships. Looking into freelancing. Taking a School of Motion course.

Making moves.


I’ve been working on my New Media (NMD) capstone for the last few months. It’s a bunch of interviews with NMD grads from the University of Maine. You can find the interviews on the website: The ARCH Project.

On Air

I have a radio show on the local college radio station! Mondays from 1:30-2:30 you can listen to some upbeat indie music and updates on the perfectly normal things happening in the small college town of Marsh Island.

Listen here:

And the playlist can be found here…


Day one with the new site! It's a little rough, and I'm hunting down a few projects that aren't uploaded anywhere to have them up. Kind of strange having a blog. This'll probably be a rare thing to see.